M206 Mechanical Convection Oven

The M206 oven is dedicated to CAMD staff use only.

M326 Mechanical Convection Oven

Located next to the spinners, the M326 oven is availabe to External Users.

VT5042EKP500 Vacuum Oven

The vacuum oven is controlled by a Eurotherm 2604 PID controller. The controller is optionally PC interfaced for recipe storage and remote control. The two independent shelves with ramp control make it valuable for SU-8 processing. Additionally, nitrogen is optional for a non-oxidizing environment during baking.

  • Temperture control is ± 0.5 degrees C

CP Horizonal Airflow Oven

This oven has a Watlow 982 controller for temperature control during ramp and dwell periods. This machine is dedicated to CAMD staff use only.

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