Oxford Ionfab System 300+ Ion Mill

For questions concerning this machines capabilities, please contact
Varshni Singh, at 578-0248.

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Removal of metallic patterns from a surface can be performed evenly with this inert gas ion beam system, which uses a projected Ar ion beam to sputter etch the surface of a six inch wafer at the users choice of angle and rotation speed.  The Ionfab 300+ can allow researchers to investigate thin film structures with vertical or angled side walls. The platen is water cooled to reduce sample heating.
  • 1000V ion source gun
  • Non reactive gas
  • Turbo pumped to 1*10-6
  • Water cooling of the substrate
  • Variable orientation of substrate
  • Substrate rotation
  • Semiautomatic processing available
  • Adjustable process control over a large range of beam voltages
  • High selectivity
  • Large variety of masking layers


  • Metal and Si patterning
  • Metal layer removal

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