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The Cleanroom is a chemical processing laboratory with areas designated for resist preparation, baking, developing and etching that requires use of various chemicals.

The goal of the CAMD cleanroom is to provide Users with access to instrumentation required for the production of MEMS. Our cooperative work environment, mirofabrication skills, and processing and metrology equipment combine to attract researchers from industry and academia to our facility. The CAMD cleanroom is a 2500 square foot Class 100 facility. It is fully equipped to support LIGA-based microfabrication with state-of-the-art instruments. All utilities are supplied in a "through the wall" fashion into the cleanroom. Gowning is performed in an interlocked Class 100 room located between the two large cleanrooms.

The cleanroom has detailed procedures for use providing the basic background and structural information as well as the rules associated with working in a controlled environment. These guidelines are developed to ensure the stability of the cleanroom infrastructure. Policy and procedure are used to govern the facility and are revised accordingly. User compliance is also a governing factor managed on a daily basis as well as laboratory operations.

The Cleanroom staff aides in basic support of microfabrication and nanotechnology capabilities by providing infrastructure, environment, equipment and as well as education and training in these various fields.