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The GCPCC beamline at CAMD is back on line.   The wiggler that produces the x-rays for the beamline is back from being rebuilt in Novosibirsk Russia.   It has been reinstalled in the ring and passed all tests. 
We are delighted to announce that we have received funding from the NSF Major Research Instrumentation Program to purchase a multipole wiggler to replace the single pole wiggler we have now.   The new MPW will increase the X-ray flux at the PX beamline by 8-10 fold.  We expect to have it installed in the summer of 2011.  We will continue to use the present system until then.

For more information see the News section of CAMD's web site

Beamline Update:

We are now scheduling users for access to the beamline. Prospective users can contact us via e-mail at hbellamy[at]lsu[dot]edu or call Henry Bellamy at (225) 578- 9342.

We continue to offer mail-in crystallography to both consortium members and outside users.      

Operation Schedule:

CAMD operates 14 hours a day when delivering user beam, 8 am to 10pm. The ring is shutdown on Saturdays and Sundays.  The schedule consists of 8 days of  user time followed by 2 days for machine studies and maintenance.  To view the scheduled operation of the synchrotron, please visit CAMD's beamline schedule web page.




The Gulf Coast Protein Crystallography Consortium (GCPCC) consists of eight universities in Texas, Oklahoma, and Louisiana.  The consortium's goal is to foster cross-disciplinary research and education in the field of protein crystallography.  A major part of meeting this goal is the GCPCC protein crystallography beamline operated at the CAMD synchrotron at LSU.  This beamline began user operation in 2003 and has quickly become a valuable tool in research and education for the scientific community.



PX Beamline
6980 Jefferson Hwy
Baton Rouge, LA 70806
Phone: (225) 578 - 7137
Fax: (225) 578 - 6954


Henry Bellamy
Robert Fox
Beamline Manager GCPCC Director
Tel: (225) 578-9342 Tel: (409) 772-2163
E-mail: hbellamy[at]lsu[dot]edu E-mail: rofox[at]uh[dot]edu

Support for the construction of the beamline was provided by the NSF through the biological infrastructure award DBI-9871464 with interagency matching funds from the NIGMS at the NIH and the GCPCC member institutions.

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