CAMD's Research Funding Impact

CAMD is a synchrotron facility supporting the science and engineering research of the LSU faculty as well as other State and Regional stakeholders. The output and productivity of CAMD is measured by that of the faculty and students that perform research and are trained at the facility.

The LSU faculty users of CAMD are among the most productive researchers on the campus with a record of exemplary grantsmanship and research accomplishments. In order to assess the impact of the facility one can evaluate the funding profile of its users:

* the projected FY12 Value adds the NIEHS funding to the FY11 total

CAMD is the nucleus for some of the largest competitive federal grants that LSU has ever won.

  • The annual funding increased 62%  from $7.4M in FY09 to $12M in FY10 and continues to increase in FY11.

  • In FY09, LSU users of CAMD held $35.5M in grant funds that rely on measurements made with synchrotron radiation. By FY11 the total value had risen by 45% to $51.5M

  • Considering just the addition of the $10.7M NIEHS grant, by FY12 the total Value of grants held will have risen by 75% to $62.2M compared to FY09.
These grants were obtained, in part due to the presence of CAMD at LSU, which provides extended access to synchrotron radiation, and its proximity provides for rapid turn-around of measurements.

Furthermore, a number major grants that rely on CAMD are singularly impressive:

  • DOE Energy Frontier Research Center, Jerry Spivey, PI   $12,566,936
  • NIEHS Superfund Program, Barry Dellinger, PI   $3,600,000
  • NSF Major Research Instrumentation (Wiggler), Marsha Newcomer, PI   $1,261,000
  • US Army MRAA Cancer Therapy, Ken Hogstrom, PI   $2,215,000
  • NSF-EPCoR RII La-SiGMA, Mark Jarrell PI   $30,000,000  (~$10M to LSU for computation – uses CAMD for verification)
  • NIH Lipoxygenase Inhibitor, Marcia Newcomer, PI   $1,500,000
  • NIEHS Superfund Program, Barry Dellinger, PI   $10,700,000

Text Box: FY10 Grants by Research Topic




FY 12 User Funding by Source

LSU CAMD Users’ Quick Facts FY12

  • (2007-2012) students trained: 124 B.S. – 162 M.S. – 200 Ph.D.s – 60 postdocs
  • 73 LSU faculty are users out of a total of 155 faculty/industrial users
  • 80 Research Experiences for Undergraduates (REU) students 2000-2008
  • 11.5M/year in funding of LSU PIs in FY12
  • ~1/3 of LSU patents (~50) come from CAMD users
  • 14 user beamlines in IR, VUV, X-Ray, Microfabrication
  • 2 insertion devices: 7T wavelength shifter & 7.5T multipole wiggler funded through NSF MRI – installation March 2013

CAMD was originally established in 1988 with a $25M grant from DOE and provided operating funds by the Louisiana Legislature.

CAMD was established by the Legislature to be a State resource for advanced technology in microfabrication and synchrotron sciences, and multiple Louisiana and regional universities have invested in more than $150M in operations, beamlines and infrastructure.

CAMD Users Geographic Distribution